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Our Resident DJ Hafeez Akram releases his explosive debut single JIND!

Hafeez Akram, our resident DJ and a rising music producer from Newcastle, releases his explosive debut single, ‘Jind.’ The track elegantly partners his signature production style with the phenomenal singing-songwriting talent of Farhan NTF. The melodic debut offers a powerful, edgy, and dynamic soundscape in which the two artists explore unique creative musings.

‘Jind’ is an incredibly distinctive track. Accented by unforgettable flute, driving basslines, and Farhan’s effortlessly smooth vocals, the single is wholly original in all of its endeavours. The thoughtful and memorable lyrics combine with the emotive instrumentation to create an infectiously catchy urban Panjabi anthem. Familiar enough to sing along to, but original enough to captivate its audiences, ‘Jind’ isn’t a track for the musically pretentious. It’s for those who truly enjoy good music regardless of genre.

“I can’t describe my music - it’s just different. It’s an expression of myself. I’m not trying to copy or imitate anyone else. It may derive from other things, but the end product is always mine.” - Hafeez Akram

Passionate about music from a very young age, Hafeez has pursued a lifelong career in the industry. That deep musical understanding cultivated throughout the years is masterfully exhibited on ‘Jind.’ From live DJ performances on stage to studio work behind the scenes, Hafeez is ready to unleash his creativity on the world.

The release of ‘Jind’ is accompanied by an innovative video, shot by the talented ‘The Void’ production duo in central California. Co-directed by Hafeez himself, the stunning visual brings ‘Jind’ to life. The single is out now via Karma Music, Hafeez Akram’s own independent record label.

Jind Video

The single is out now via all major digital distribution outlets.

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